Friday, August 15, 2014

Title Lori's DVD Contest -- Over $1500 in Prizes!

Exciting news! 

Streamline Publishing and I are producing an instructional, oil painting DVD that is expected to release in the next 6 months.* 

We are looking for just the perfect title, and you can help by 
entering the "Title Lori's DVD" contest.

The final winner will receive a prize package valued at more than $1500 including:

1 FREE Ticket to the 
April 13-17, 2015, Monterey!

The deadline to enter is August 28th, 2014 midnight PST.

Enter one of two ways:
Facebook users, click hereNot on Facebook, click here
You will be directed to a sign-up form for my Announcements list. 
(If you are already a subscriber, fill in the form with the information you used previously. You will not be subscribed twice. You may unsubscribe at any time.) 

  • Fill in subscriber information.
  • Type your "Title Entry" ideas in the appropriate blank. (The entry area looks small, but will capture up to 200 characters.) You may enter up to 3 title ideas, separated by a comma. 
  • Click the Submit Button.

On August 29th, the top four finalists will be posted on social media sites and in an email announcement. 
The final winner will be selected based on number of 'likes' online, or by replying directly to the email announcement.
Voting ends Sept. 3, midnight PST.

The final winner will be announced Sept. 5!

Some info to help you get started:

  • The DVD is a complete oil demonstration by me en plein air (approx. 3 hours)
  • The DVD also contains a personal interview with conducted by B. Eric Rhoads, Chariman and CEO of Streamline Publishing.
  • The title needs to have real impact in just a few words. 
  • Think about what title would prompt you to pick up the box and read the description, or better yet, to buy it. 
  • Go to my website at Browse some of my newest plein air paintings. What words would you use to describe why you like my work? Read my Artist's Statement. Do any key words help?
  • If you were going to take one of my workshops, what is it that you would hope to learn from me?
  • If you have already taken a workshop from me, what was the biggest thing you got out of it?
  • What do you hope to learn from the DVD?

Painting created during the video shoot:

Arroyo Seco, 12x16, plein air oil on linen, $1600
Contact to purchase.

That's it!  So get your wheels turning and join in the fun. Remember, you only have until midnight PST, August 28th to enter.

On August 29th, be sure to go to Lori Putnam - Original Works in Oil's Facebook page and vote for one of the 4 finalists! 

Be the first to get the word 
as soon as the DVD is ready to purchase! 

As a subscribers to my Announcements List, you will be the first to be notified as soon as the DVD is available to purchase.


*If for any reason, release of the DVD is delayed or cancelled, the person who submitted the winning title shall retain all prize winnings.
**The winning title may be slightly edited or altered to better fit the actual contents that are included on the DVD. By submitting your entry, you agree that your title can be used in whole or in part in any manner associated with this DVD including but not limited to packaging and advertising. Other than the prize package listed above, the winner understands that he/she will receive no further compensation for use of the title either now or in the future. The winner also grants permission to be contacted for information on where to send prize package. In the event that more than one person submits the same winning entry, prize winner will be decided by random drawing. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Studio Update

So much to report!
Looking up toward the loft.
While I've been traveling and painting throughout June and most of July, much progress has been made on the studio.

Looking into the studio area from the loft above. July 24.
Those first few stumbling blocks that caused so many delays at the start of the studio seem just small bumps in the road now. Once we rid ourselves of an incompetent sub-contractor, things really started to take off.

Here are some pictures that help describe how the building will be used. All of these were taken on July 24. Amazing, isn't it, that so much could happen in one month!

Now, the first week of August, and the progress pics (more are posted here) are so very exciting!

Starting the western cedar on the north wall. Aug. 5

Fireplace almost built. French doors and all windows are in. Aug. 5

Looking up toward the ceiling. Insulation next, then tongue and groove goes on.
Tongue and groove under the roof of the loading dock. Aug. 8.

I'm only in town for about a week before hitting the road again. While I am gone, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and other subs will be getting and doing their jobs. Those pictures, of course, will not reveal much change. That's the way building goes. Soon after, the cabinets, floor, and other interior finishing will begin. Those things take time. Still, I am planning on teaching in the new space on Nov. 3. Time will tell!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The New Studio

5 acres in rural Tennessee about an hour west of Nashville
Over the next few months I will be doing a series of small post about how the new studio is coming along. Because building goes the very slowly, these will just be snapshots of what's going on and a line or two. Actually, I will be out of town for most of it, so I'll be relying on my husband to send me some pics to post. I hope you find it helpful and encouraging if you ever build your own studio.  
I can already see much inspiration coming from our new place.

From the outside, the studio will look more like a barn/utility/out-building than a house, with wide, western cedar planking, stone to grade, and a metal roof. Inside will be 2 1/2 story in height to the crest of the large wooden trusses. On one end will be a huge fireplace, and the general interior feeling will be similar to a lodge in the mountains. As I mentioned above, there will be windows on the north-facing side. The opposite wall will be lined with shelving and cabinetry. There is also a separate work room for framing and stretching canvases.

There have been some changes (dimensions primarily) since these plans were made, but you get the idea:

Because we will also be living there, the design includes a loft area that will serve as our bedroom. It also has a modest kitchen and bathroom.

We purchased the land last year, and Mark began planning where the studio would sit on the property to allow for the best, north light situation for me. We had to also consider where an eventual future home might be built, should we decide to go that route. 

That's a happy man. Passed inspection with flying colors.

Mark spent much of last fall and winter clearing trees and digging the trench for underground utilities. Earlier this spring, the well was put in, and we contracted with someone to prepare the foundation for the post and beam construction. 
Much of this has been knocked down. Mark is pretty patient, but you do NOT want to cross this man. He expects it done right!

For the past two weeks, our block mason has been working. He did a pitiful job. So pitiful, in fact, that Mark knocked most of the pillars out, tore down the foundation for the fireplace, and spent hours cleaning and recovering block to be re-used by someone more competent. We shall see how that goes.

Next week, we are scheduled to have the building crew out to start "assembly."  The structure has pre-dimensioned timbers built to our plan specs. This part, weather cooperating, should go fairly quickly. All of the "pieces" were delivered on a big truck a few weeks ago.

That's it for now.  I'll post again when there is something more to share.